Monday, 13 November 2017

ANTOLINI LUIGI & C. S.p.a. chooses BRETON for its new 4.0 factory

Antolini Luigi & C. certainly does not need any introduction for the stone industry.

It is a historic brand, but more and more contemporary, a reference point for the entire industry and a leading group worldwide.  

A company that has been able to innovate and to keep its leadership at all times. It has mastered sophisticated marketing techniques, applying them in the natural stone industry.

After a decision-making and technology partner selection process that began last year, in 2017 Antolini formalized the agreements to build the new production facility under the most advanced technology and Industry 4.0 principles.

Breton will supply all processing plants and machines: 

- multiwire machines
- resin lines with state-of-the-art technology, 
- slab polishing lines 
 applying up-to-date automation and process control technologies, all Industry 4.0 enabled.

Logistics within the factory will also be in the forefront, where AGV powered laser guides will handle materials without human intervention.
Marble blocks sawmill will also be upgraded with the installation of modern "BM for Breton" frames, result of a commercial and technical collaboration between Breton and BM Montorso, renowned for its reliable diamond blade frames.

For info and price of Breton machines write to We’ll get back to you promptly.
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Sergio Prior


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