Tuesday, 17 April 2012

NEW Breton polishers Levibreton KFG for marble

Can you tell me what’s behind this mirror-polished slab?
You can hardly see it: it’s the new high performance polisher Levibreton KFG for marble.
This polishing line is installed at Stocchero Attilio's, in Volargne (VR),  one of our long-time customers who is very satisfied with the two new Levibreton KFG.

The first Levibreton KFG has 9 spindles and dresses marble slabs.
The maximum speed of the mobile beam is no less than 70 metres/minute.
Deriving from the design of the renowned polisher Levibreton KG for granite, which has a heavy-duty structure, specially dimensioned for granite, Levibreton KFG boasts a very high productivity.

The second Levibreton KFG has 15 spindles and polishes marble slabs to perfection.
The new standard Levibreton KFG can be supplied with 11 and 18 spindles.
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Sergio Prior


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