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Thursday, 4 December 2014

The new Breton PARAGON started cutting blocks

Hello everyone,
Last Monday (December the 1st) I visited BIG GRANITI, a renowned company in Rivoli Veronese (Verona) whose core business is the cutting and polishing of granite on behalf of third parties.

I attended the inauguration of Breton PARAGON, the first multi-wire machine for cutting granite blocks that belongs to the new generation of machines entirely designed and manufactured at Breton’s premises.

If you click here you can see some pictures and a short video of PARAGON on the job, while if you click here you’ll find all the specifications of this new Breton multi-wire machine

Why don’t you ask for an estimate of the new PARAGON?
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Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior

Friday, 21 November 2014

SAVEMA choses Breton

Savema, a leading facility in Carrara, well-known and highly appreciated worldwide in the field of architecture and stone materials.
Breton, the world leader in the production of machines and plants for stone processing.

Luigi Piacentini of SAVEMA and Dario Toncelli of BRETON
After many years, Breton and Savema resume their cooperation. The owners of the two companies have recently signed an agreement for the supply of an innovative and high-tech machine, Breton Fuego Multiaxis, a shaping machine using diamond wires and with 8 interpolated axes capability.
Savema was established in 1975 by the Piacentini and Volterrani families and soon became one of the leading companies worldwide for the production, trade and supply of marble, granite and ornamental stones.

Savema’s core business is the production of architectural stone components (for both interior and exterior applications) designed for sizeable projects throughout the world, including those with a high artistic content, as well as the trade of marble, granite, onyx, travertine and stone slabs for international wholesalers and dealers.

This most innovative machine complements the three Bidese shaping wire machines that have been working for many years at Savema’s production plant to their complete satisfaction.  For those who don’t know, Breton acquired Bidese line of business concerning the production of diamond wire machines in 2011.
Savema’s fleet will therefore be complemented by a high-performance multi-axis machine, which employs new programming and numerical control techniques and whose key factor is innovation. Fuego will enable the company to easily produce valuable and extremely complex workpieces.

Savema SpA

Savema meets the requirements of a more and more demanding architectural market every day - commented Dario Toncelli, who owns Breton together with his brother, in the picture with Luigi Piacentini, Savema’s owner - Our 30 years of experience in the use of numerical controls enabled us to develop a ground-breaking and high-tech machine for cutting blocks and billets, ideal for producing cylindrical/tapered columns, casing for columns, shaped and rough-hewed components for interior decoration and extremely complex elements – something unattainable until today!

Breton Fuego Multiaxis also faces machining jobs requiring 4 axes ("Z" vertical axis, wire inclination angle, linear displacement of the block-holding cart and rotation of the block-holding cart) very precisely and easily thanks to its 8 interpolated axes to which 2 axes with motorized positioning are added.
Breton SpA
Thanks to the technical solutions adopted for Breton Fuego Multiaxis, even one of the greatest problems this type of machines has to deal with, has been overcome: the wire inclination that usually compels to go well below the ground level in order to achieve sizeable inclination angles. 
Breton solved this problem pretty well by placing a cart with 2 pulleys 1.000 mm in diameter on each column while the two carts move independently. In this way, it is possible for Breton Fuego Multiaxis to reach considerable inclination angles going only 30 cm below the ground level. 

If you would like to know price of Fuego Multiaxis, write now to We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior

Monday, 17 November 2014

There’s more to Levibreton than meets the eye!

A revolution is underway for those who polish marble and granite slabs. 
At present, four technological innovations complement the polishing machines that led Breton and the customers which purchase them worldwide to success, four innovations that provide many benefits especially due to the application of new technological systems.  

Going into details: 
- Shine Master
- Waxing Machine CG200/4
- Imageplus
- APP, Applicator of Polymer Points

Shine Master
Breton latest invention: a device that measures automatically the gloss degree of the slab surface providing the precise gloss order of magnitude, which is visualized on the machine display. 

Thanks to its reflection system, Shine Master, (installed at the back of the machine) provides a qualitative control of the outgoing slabs; if the gloss degree does not fall within the preset standard, an alarm promptly warns the operator

Waxing Machine CG200/4
Once the Levibreton polisher has accomplished its task, the waxing machine’s duty is crucial in order to achieve a perfect finish of marble and granite workpieces.

CG200/4, is provided with a slab reader with photoelectric barrier for the automatic adjustment of the beam travel and the automatic lifting/lowering of the spindles.  
The machine structure is highly rigid, yet easily accessible to the operators; it is equipped with 3 large vessels (3.5 litres) with level gauges that can be filled with different waxes. Thanks to the high capacity of the vessels, the machine has an extended autonomy.

The waxing machine is very simple to be operated and tuned up: the operator is just required to adjust the width of the slabs currently being processed and the timers calculating the correct amount of wax and all work is done! 

Tracking the slabs required for a project, extracting them with an overhead crane, showing them to the customers, placing them again on their original position: all this is possible with one click, or better with Imageplus, the system for acquiring extra high resolution photos of natural and engineered stone slabs, filing them, codifying and labelling the slabs, which is entirely made in Breton

Thanks to an extra high resolution camera with LED lighting system that renders the real colours of the material, Imageplus takes photos that can be instantly displayed and files them in a database where additional info linked to each slab are also available, such as type of material, colour, thickness, real and “commercial” dimensions which are set according to selected parameters

APP (Applicator of Polymer Points): 
Breton conceived a device that applies streaks or points of thermoplastic polymer on the slab polished surface before slabs are automatically unloaded. 

What for? Simply to protect the polished face of the slabs when they are stored and handled arranged in a stack since even a small residue (such as a simple grain of marble or granite) could scratch and spoil the slab.
Using the APP automatic applicator, you don’t run this risk anymore: it is indeed the most effective alternative to the traditional polyethylene film but with no problems and costs for waste disposal. 

In this way, the latter section of the polishing line is complete. Once again, Breton focus on technology and innovation as stated by its slogan: Driven by Innovation

Write to for further info or quotations, we’ll get back to you promptly.

Oh, I almost forgot!
If you want to boost your business, why not use the Internet to promote your beautiful marble or granite slabs? 
Click here for further instructions >>

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention. 
Sergio Prior

Friday, 14 November 2014

Why don’t you use the Web to promote your beautiful slabs?

Boost your business by publishing the pictures of your slabs to the Internet through Pinterest.

Hello everyone,
Some of you probably wonder about what Pinterest is ? 

Pinterest is a social network founded by Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra in 2010, where pictures, videos and images can be shared. . .  (wikipedia)

Using Pinterest, you can upload, save and publish pictures taken by ImagePlus or a digital camera to the website, pinning them to the board devoted to images, therefore creating photo books (boards) with the pictures of your slabs quickly and easily.

The stored pictures enhancing the beauty and quality of your products will be easily accessible to any device, besides being a useful online image file where a variety of additional info can be stored as well. 

You may save images on different boards classified by type of material, country of origin or type of application and your customers will see them on their PC, Smartphone or tablet.

Exploit ImagePlus to the full, sign up with Pinterest and boost your business by publishing the pictures of your slabs. 

If you are interested in this new way to promote your slabs, we will be glad to send you the instructions on how Pinterest works.
Write to for receiving simple instructions: you’ll be ready in 5 minutes?
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Breton FUEGO 10 axis - Shaping machine

How beautiful! 
It's hard to believe that workpieces with such a complex shape can be manufactured, all the more so if you consider they are produced by a MACHINE!

I'm not kidding, the name of the machine at issue is
Breton FUEGO Multiaxis

The evolution of programming techniques and numerical controls was a turning point for the diamond wire machines used to profile architectural components since it rather simplified the way of producing precious and value-added stone workpieces.

With almost 30 years of experience in the usage of numerical controls, Breton was the only company in the world with the ability to put such experience at the customers' disposal through the design of a ground-breaking, high-performance multi-axis wire machine.

Here you can see the FUEGO of OSCAR DAFFE.

That's how FUEGO Multiaxis was born, a machine for cutting blocks and billets with a diamond wire, ideal for producing cylindrical/tapered columns, casings for columns, shaped and rough-hewed components for interior decoration (requiring 4 geometrical axes: "Z" vertical axis, wire inclination angle, linear displacement of the block-holding cart and rotation of the block-holding cart) very precisely and easily thanks to its 8 interpolated axes to which 2 axes with motorized positioning are added.

Here you can see the FUEGO of SAVEMA.

The most critical issue in this type of machines is often connected to the wire inclination, in fact large inclination angles can be achieved only going well below the ground level.

Breton solved this problem pretty well by placing a cart with 2 pulleys 1.000 mm in diameter on each column.

The two carts slide independently, therefore it is possible to incline the wire going less than 30 cm below the ground level. 

For info and price of FUEGO Multiaxis write to
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Breton MIRAGE 6 – a Formula 1 “racing head” for levelling granite slabs.

Our CUSTOMERS say so!

BIG, Cereser and Cometti companies have something in common, which is not strictly related to their local identity: these three enterprises from Verona chose the Breton head "Mirage" for levelling granite slabs.
The core business of Big Graniti Srl is sawing granite blocks, polishing slabs and executing several other types of granite processing.
Cereser Marmi Spa is specialized in the selection and selling of marble and granite and was established fifty years ago by Mr. Gian Luigi Cereser.
Cometti Srl, established in 1982 by Mr. Francesco Cometti, is totally committed to granite polishing and, same as other enterprises, has always tried to be in the forefront of the granite honing, polishing and resin-treating technology.
The constant quest for innovation led these companies to install a head "Mirage" (Breton latest product) on their polishing machines Levibreton.   

Mirage is a special head featuring a satellite rotation speed of 30m/s (2.800 rpm) and a low head rotation speed (250 rpm). 
This head guarantees the ideal working speed for each single diamond tool, which leads to a higher removal capacity and longer service life.
The key factors of this groundbreaking satellite head are clearly explained by its possessors.
"When I was offered to test Mirage, I took delivery of the head with a 18,5 kW motor and a kit for adding the counter pressure to the spindle already prearranged for receiving it" says Marco Poiesi, CEO of BIG GRANITI Srl

"Based on tests carried out at Breton R&D Dept., they told me the head could only work with counter pressure due to its weight and removal capacity. Mirage removed so much material that, after the first starting, I asked for a 22 kW motor (instead of 18,5 kW as suggested) in order to use high working pressures as well. I ascertained a levelling capacity on the slab surface that was above and beyond that of the well-known heads SG-8".

"Something worthy of attention? The service life of the diamond tool: indeed, it is proving to be longer than expected" adds Marco Poiesi from BIG.

"Both the removal and levelling capacity of Mirage far exceed those of any other head produced until this time; as a matter of fact, we don't use it on very soft materials because we fear going below the material predetermined thickness" acknowledges Domenico Cereser from Cereser Marmi Spa.

"Mirage surprised us: particularly ugly slabs that had to be passed twice through the machine, need just one passage thanks to this new head" says Francesco Cometti from Cometti Srl. "Processing standard slabs, the polishing machine has a productivity 10% higher than that of machines equipped with heads SG-8, that’s why I've asked Breton to install a second head  Mirage”.

Thanks to BIG, Cereser e Cometti for their positive consideration.
Thanks to Marmo Macchine INTERNATIONAL magazine for case history.
For info and price of  MIRAGE head, write to
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior

Friday, 3 October 2014

Breton SHINE MASTER – Reflex meter (patented)


Breton previews an invention with great practical impact: a device for measuring automatically the surface gloss degree while the slab is moving.

It has been designed for natural and composite stone slabs.
SHINE MASTER measures the slab surface gloss through a reflection system. The gloss order of magnitude detected by the device (quantity of B-reflex) is processed by the software and shown on the display thus representing a qualitative control of the outgoing slabs. 

An alarm warns the operator when the B-reflex detected do not fall within the preset range and the display shows through colours with different intensities the spots of the surface where the gloss does not conform to the preset standard.

For info and price write to
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Paragon - The new multiwire machine designed and built in Breton

Paragon is the new multiwire machine entirely designed and built in Breton and is the result of all the experience and know how acquired after installing over 200 Breton/Bidese multiwire machines all over the world. In the multiwire sector, our Paragon has become a “model of excellence”.

Paragon's key features
Isosceles triangular wire geometry with just five transmission (drums/pulleys), the minimum number compatible with the necessary presence of the wire driving drums.
- All the drums, including the wire stretching pulleys, have a diameter of 1.000 mm.
- Adjustable wire driving drums with motor-driven movement so as to be always close to the block.

Designed to maximize the operator ergonomic comfort:
• Easy access to the machine with practical staircases and gangways
• Fast and easy wire change and positioning
• Immediate and intuitive operator interface of the touch screen for machine management. 

The five rotating drums of Paragon, all of which have a diameter of 1,000 mm, guarantee minimum wire fatigue.

The rigidity of the structure and the isosceles triangular geometry with wires just 20 metres long guarantees lower wire vibrations while cutting, leading to higher cutting quality and longer service life of the rubber profiles.

The load-bearing structure
The drums and pulleys are installed inside a rigid, boxed steel structure, which runs along the load-bearing columns, stiffly anchored to the ground and stabilized with steel tie rods that ensure a next-to-nothing deformation for the cutting purposes.
This constructive architecture means we can use columns with a section of 700 x 700 mm, which offer the same structural stability as columns with a section of 1.300 x 1.300 mm without steel tie rods.
Column deformation while cutting has been checked using finite element mathematical calculations.

Wire stretching pulleys
The wire stretching pulleys, one for each wire and rotating on bearings, are individually driven by a single hydraulic piston ensuring a uniform and constant tension of each wire.
The arc of movement of the wire stretching pulleys is very large, therefore the wire installation is very easy and any complicated pre-stretching system has been eliminated.

Wire driving drums
Breton patented the independent, motorized positioning of the two wire driving drums, available as an option. 

Each wire driving drum can get as close to the block as 60 cm, therefore they can be positioned near the block to be cut almost always. 
This means that:
- the cutting quality is always the best
- the down feed is always the fastest.
Rubber profiles
Rubber profiles are two-tone (red and gray) to simplify the installation of the wires. Two profile versions are available to meet the customer's requirements:
- three-groove profile alternated with a single-groove profile, which guarantee a longer service life of the profiles as they have thicker "side walls" and are specifically designed for sawing thicknesses of 20 and 30 mm. 
A sequence of at least four slabs 20 mm thick or three slabs 30 mm thick must be positioned with this particular combination of grooves
- three-groove profiles to guarantee the greatest versatility in the thickness cutting sequence.

Operator interface
The large colour touch screen makes programming the machine and controlling the processing phases intuitive and user friendly.

All the work settings and parameters can be controlled and displayed on simple pages with big, clearly visible characters.
The “statistics” section lets you display and extract all the data required to manage sawmill and diamond wires, which feature a wisely structured architecture whether you saw blocks for your own company or for third parties.

Exceptional machine accessibility for operators
Footbridges with wide staircases and gangways make it easy and safe for operators to reach all parts of the machine when installing wires or perform servicing.
The multiwire Breton Paragon for cutting granite blocks are available in different version:
- from 17 up to 70 wires
- Max. cutting width  from 600 up to 1.890mm
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.

Sergio Prior