Monday, 17 November 2014

There’s more to Levibreton than meets the eye!

A revolution is underway for those who polish marble and granite slabs. 
At present, four technological innovations complement the polishing machines that led Breton and the customers which purchase them worldwide to success, four innovations that provide many benefits especially due to the application of new technological systems.  

Going into details: 
- Shine Master
- Waxing Machine CG200/4
- Imageplus
- APP, Applicator of Polymer Points

Shine Master
Breton latest invention: a device that measures automatically the gloss degree of the slab surface providing the precise gloss order of magnitude, which is visualized on the machine display. 

Thanks to its reflection system, Shine Master, (installed at the back of the machine) provides a qualitative control of the outgoing slabs; if the gloss degree does not fall within the preset standard, an alarm promptly warns the operator

Waxing Machine CG200/4
Once the Levibreton polisher has accomplished its task, the waxing machine’s duty is crucial in order to achieve a perfect finish of marble and granite workpieces.

CG200/4, is provided with a slab reader with photoelectric barrier for the automatic adjustment of the beam travel and the automatic lifting/lowering of the spindles.  
The machine structure is highly rigid, yet easily accessible to the operators; it is equipped with 3 large vessels (3.5 litres) with level gauges that can be filled with different waxes. Thanks to the high capacity of the vessels, the machine has an extended autonomy.

The waxing machine is very simple to be operated and tuned up: the operator is just required to adjust the width of the slabs currently being processed and the timers calculating the correct amount of wax and all work is done! 

Tracking the slabs required for a project, extracting them with an overhead crane, showing them to the customers, placing them again on their original position: all this is possible with one click, or better with Imageplus, the system for acquiring extra high resolution photos of natural and engineered stone slabs, filing them, codifying and labelling the slabs, which is entirely made in Breton

Thanks to an extra high resolution camera with LED lighting system that renders the real colours of the material, Imageplus takes photos that can be instantly displayed and files them in a database where additional info linked to each slab are also available, such as type of material, colour, thickness, real and “commercial” dimensions which are set according to selected parameters

APP (Applicator of Polymer Points): 
Breton conceived a device that applies streaks or points of thermoplastic polymer on the slab polished surface before slabs are automatically unloaded. 

What for? Simply to protect the polished face of the slabs when they are stored and handled arranged in a stack since even a small residue (such as a simple grain of marble or granite) could scratch and spoil the slab.
Using the APP automatic applicator, you don’t run this risk anymore: it is indeed the most effective alternative to the traditional polyethylene film but with no problems and costs for waste disposal. 

In this way, the latter section of the polishing line is complete. Once again, Breton focus on technology and innovation as stated by its slogan: Driven by Innovation

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