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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Levibreton KG 4600 – the video of the polishing machine for granite slabs

Good morning everyone.

Last week I visited Campolonghi, an Italian company from Montignoso (MS), world leader in quality stone production.
Here you can get an idea of its projects!

They have just installed a Levibreton KG 4600 high-production line for polishing granite slabs. Here below you can see it in action.

The Levibreton KG granite polisher is a project of utmost industrial success, both for Breton as a producer and for customers who have bought it, with more than 1,300 machines produced to date.


- Polishing width 2200 mm

- 19  8-brick polishing heads, 510 mm in diameter:  higher production thanks to the increased number of operating bricks (152 bricks).

- 19  8-brick polishing heads, 510 mm in diameter:  improved surface levelling thanks to the larger head diameter.

- 19  8-brick polishing heads, 510 mm in diameter:  reduced installed power: reduced wattage (285kw vs 315kw needed for 21 heads).

- Super rigid structure with 12 support legs.

- Improved dynamics in beam acceleration ramps and greater belt speed control:  with brushless motors.

- Coordinated belt and beam speed:  thanks to the usage of brushless motors, when the beam inverts travel direction, the belt speed can be increased so as to homogenize the permanence of the abrasives on the slab.

- Rigid, lightweight and dynamic beam/spindle system:  the weight being equal, both the design and cross section of the beam have been changed according to the increase of rigidity. lightweight spindles and motors with aluminium casing. 

- ultra fast beam:  max. speed up to 70 m/min.

- Slab profile reader with photoelectric barrier:  with a 1x1cm resolution, it eliminates any possible reading problem on polished and resin-treated surfaces.

- Ergonomics and each single parameter under control:  positioned in proximity of each single spindle: selector switch for raising/lowering the head, head pressure regulator, head pressure gauge and head amp indicator.

- PC-automated dynamic control of the working pressure for all heads offering  improved polishing.

- Colour touch-screen monitor and fully-developed user-friendly machining software, capable of storing (and recalling) different working programs for various types of material, with automatic control of the beam and belt speed, beam speed interpolated with the belt speed, working pressure of the single heads, interpolation between the pressure of the single heads and the beam exact position.

- Transfer of energy to the network:  when the beam slows down, the excess energy is fed back to the network thanks to "energy recovery drives".

Here you can read all the information about the Levibreton KG 4600.

Bye bye
Sergio Prior

Breton Paragon multi-wire and 5.3mm: a WINNING COMBINATION

Breton Paragon multi-wire and 5.3mm: 

The combination of know-how and productive tradition between two major companies operating in the granite sector makes important technological advances possible. The optimization of the production process exponentially improves the quality of finished work.

The cutting of marble and granite blocks is one of the primary production stages of Mondial Granit S.p.A., which is satisfactorily using Breton technologies.

The history of Mondial Granit began in 1991 thanks to the vision and foresight of Giovanni Leonardo Damigella who founded a production and marketing company of marble, stone and granite in a small town in the province of Ragusa.  
Over the years and thanks to the determination, commitment and diligence of its founder, Mondial Granit S.p.A. has become one of the most successful companies in this sector.

Mondial Granit sells products from quarries around the world and has important international certifications and prestigious collaborations such as AEO and RINA.

Production facilities extend over an area of ​​220 thousand square meters and are powered by a large photovoltaic plant which is perfectly integrated into the surrounding area.

Breton is a pioneer in granite sawing with 5.3mm diameter diamond wire, starting 3 years ago at Mondial Granit. The company has 6 Breton multi-wire machines, three of which are PARAGON (Paragon 600, 1000 and 2100). These machines systematically saw using 5.3mm wire.

The Breton PARAGON multi-wire machines are ideal for cutting granite and marble blocks with diamond wires of 5.3 mm in diameter. 
The minimum fatigue of the wires is guaranteed thanks to the ingenious 5-pulley triangular geometry, all of which 1,000mm diameter wide, which greatly speeds up the replacement of the wires or their repositioning at the layers’ change.

Additionally, adjustable wire driving rollers with motorized motion allow a closer positioning to the saw blade so as to guarantee the highest downfeed speed and the greatest cutting precision, resulting in a better final quality of the cut slabs.

"Breton S.p.A., since 1963 innovation and technology at the service of the operators".

For more information and prices, on multiwire machine for cutting granite blocks Breton Paragon, contact
We’ll get back to you promptly.

Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Campedelli Marmi - a successful company

Campedelli Marmi

Campedelli's Family

Good morning,
the story of Campedelli Marmi starts in the distant past. It is a company that has been able to innovate and grow, in a market that is increasingly competitive and intent on renewal, that of stone masonry.

Campedelli found its innovation in a slab resin-treating plant, which increased the production of the company from Verona by 40%.

The company's story has its roots in the Valpantena valley. 
Its founder, Albino Campedelli, tells of the family from which the company takes its name, that skilfully handed the business down from generation to generation. A business that is now one of the best examples of made in Italy in the field of stone masonry. 

The year was 1967.
We started with the birth and development of the first marble masonry in Valpantena in the 60's. Thanks to his intuition and dedication, it was precisely at that time that Albino Campedelli founded the company of the same name. 

Continued commercial and production development saw the sons gradually enter the artisan business until it turned into Campedelli Marmi Srl”.

From 1967 to 2016, time seems to have flown past. Yet the world has changed in the meantime; the company has grown and evolved, and the complexity has tripled.  

Overall, 2016 has been a positive year in many ways”, explains Albino Campedelli optimistically. “Firstly, investments in the latest generation of machinery have made the company, which was already competitive in the market, even more innovative, technological and able to offer more finished product in less time.
Despite the time spent installing this machinery and making it perfect, in a few months we managed to recoup most of the production lost in that period. 

Secondly, sales have shown a positive trend, which has brought an increase in turnover”. 

In the 10,000 square metres of production area, there are highly qualified personnel selecting and working the highest quality marble for medium and large-sized projects and surfaces. 

Specifically, what materials do you work? 

Our catalogue contains various Italian stone materials that are particularly difficult to work, such as Botticino, Classic Travertine, Walnut Travertine, Breccia Oniciata, Daino, White Carrara, Red Verrona, Yellow Istria and Arabescato Orobico. On one hand, investments in machinery and technology have allowed us to reduce production and labour costs, and on the other to reach a high level of quality and quantity.

Years ago, we made tailored production for projects such as airports and private villas. Today, however, we receive many requests for semi-finished products."

From Stallavena, at the foot of the Lessini mountains in the province of Verona, to the Arabian desert. There is a close link between these places, which are so distant and yet so close.

The most important markets were, and still are, located in the Arab countries. In fact, our products are destined to the markets in the Persian Gulf, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iraq and even Libya and Morocco. In these countries we are known as a reliable partner both for our delivery times and for the characteristics and qualities of our product, and we have cemented relationships with customers that have accompanied us over the past 30 years of our company's history” continues Campedelli.

How was it possible to innovate?
By investing.
For the company from Verona, improving production, quality control and enhancing the commercialization of its products was always considered a professional duty. 

Recently, the company dedicated a whole production area to a new Breton resin-treating plant.

Our Breton plant consists of: a loading Jot, two drying ovens with 30 levels each, automatic mesh application, two catalyst ovens with 30 levels each, an intermediate Jot, a Levibreton KFT 3600 polishing machine with 17 spindles and an unloading jot. The use of such machinery was immediately clear and intuitive. We have seen improvements in terms of quality and quantity and a production increase of 40 percent. ”.

A satisfaction for the Campedelli family, which can also be measured by the post-sales service guaranteed by Breton.

During the first months of regular production, several times we had to rely on Breton assistance to solve some hitches in testing. The online assistance personnel, like the technicians/installers, have shown themselves to be punctual, professional and determined to solve our problems in every situation”.

In fact, Breton guarantees a hotline service that is active 24 hours a day, thanks to the company sites in the United States, China, India, Australia and Brazil.

A telephone service provided by highly specialized technicians, who are also able to carry out technical work directly on the machine installed at the customer plant, without the need for the operator’s presence.

A rosy present and a future that will become even rosier.

For INFO ask to

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior