Thursday, 18 May 2017

Levibreton KG 4600 – the video of the polishing machine for granite slabs

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Last week I visited Campolonghi, an Italian company from Montignoso (MS), world leader in quality stone production.
Here you can get an idea of its projects!

They have just installed a Levibreton KG 4600 high-production line for polishing granite slabs. Here below you can see it in action.

The Levibreton KG granite polisher is a project of utmost industrial success, both for Breton as a producer and for customers who have bought it, with more than 1,300 machines produced to date.


- Polishing width 2200 mm

- 19  8-brick polishing heads, 510 mm in diameter:  higher production thanks to the increased number of operating bricks (152 bricks).

- 19  8-brick polishing heads, 510 mm in diameter:  improved surface levelling thanks to the larger head diameter.

- 19  8-brick polishing heads, 510 mm in diameter:  reduced installed power: reduced wattage (285kw vs 315kw needed for 21 heads).

- Super rigid structure with 12 support legs.

- Improved dynamics in beam acceleration ramps and greater belt speed control:  with brushless motors.

- Coordinated belt and beam speed:  thanks to the usage of brushless motors, when the beam inverts travel direction, the belt speed can be increased so as to homogenize the permanence of the abrasives on the slab.

- Rigid, lightweight and dynamic beam/spindle system:  the weight being equal, both the design and cross section of the beam have been changed according to the increase of rigidity. lightweight spindles and motors with aluminium casing. 

- ultra fast beam:  max. speed up to 70 m/min.

- Slab profile reader with photoelectric barrier:  with a 1x1cm resolution, it eliminates any possible reading problem on polished and resin-treated surfaces.

- Ergonomics and each single parameter under control:  positioned in proximity of each single spindle: selector switch for raising/lowering the head, head pressure regulator, head pressure gauge and head amp indicator.

- PC-automated dynamic control of the working pressure for all heads offering  improved polishing.

- Colour touch-screen monitor and fully-developed user-friendly machining software, capable of storing (and recalling) different working programs for various types of material, with automatic control of the beam and belt speed, beam speed interpolated with the belt speed, working pressure of the single heads, interpolation between the pressure of the single heads and the beam exact position.

- Transfer of energy to the network:  when the beam slows down, the excess energy is fed back to the network thanks to "energy recovery drives".

Here you can read all the information about the Levibreton KG 4600.

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