Thursday, 17 May 2012

New Levibreton KFT line for polishing marble

Good morning,
Today I’d like to show you a new polishing line for marble slabs we recently installed by one of our customers, SA.GE.VAN of Avenza - Carrara (Italy).

This line has a production capacity of approx. 1.200 m2 per shift and polishes marble slabs with a maximum size of 2050x3300 mm.
Once loaded on the line, the slab is first trimmed crosswise (leading/trailing end) and then lengthwise.

The slab is then polished on the Levibreton KFT with 8 spindles, dried and heated to remove any residual humidity.
At this point, the slab is automatically filled and exposed to UV rays so that the filler gelates and shrinks allowing for the manual addition of some more filler.

The filler is catalyzed under the kiln and the Levibreton KFT with 14 spindles completes the slab polishing process.
The dried slab is conveyed to the automatic waxing and application of a polyethylene sheet, to be lastly unloaded on the A-frame

Automatic slab loader

Longitudinal trimming machine

Polishing machine Levibreton KFT with 8 spindles
Cleaning unit

Radiant units

Automatic void filling machine

Slab filling

Polishing machine Levibreton KFT with 14 spindles

Automatic waxing machine

Automatic equipment to apply a protective film

 Special comb-shaped conveyor

Automatic slab unloader

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Sergio Prior 


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