Saturday, 15 September 2012

BESTWIRE DUO - Block squaring system

System used to square blocks (two parallel sides of the block) or cut slabs (even thick slabs).

The squaring system consists of two single-wire machines placed parallel to each other, one of which is fixed (BESTWIRE) and the other moves on rails with motorized traverse (BESTWIRE 4WD).
The movement of the mobile single-wire machine is by two inverter controlled asynchronous motors, which transmit the motion (through reduction gears) to pinions meshing racks that are fixed to the rails.

Machine structure and mechanisms
Handy-designed and functional structure made of heat treated,arc-welded steel, ensuring the required stiffness of the system and cutting precision of the machine.

Two opposite carts containing the components for the wire motion, slide vertically along the machine columns by means of screw/nut screw mechanisms, thus moving the wire up and down.
The wire is rotated by a driving pulley with a diameter of 1.000 mm through an inverter controlled asynchronous motor that optimizes the wire peripheral speed according to the material to be sawn.   
A driven pulley with the same diameter is constantly kept under tension by a pneumatic cylinder, thus giving the wire the ideal tension.
The mechanism is completed by two independent driven pulleys with the same diameter, and two wire-driving pulleys installed next to the point where the wire gets into, and comes out from, the block to be sawn
Electrical cabinet and control console with colour touch-screen.
Safety measures
a special sensor, connected to the stretching cylinder, detects any possible breakage of the wire and stops the machine instantly.

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