Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Second-hand Breton chamfering line in mint condition: A REAL BARGAIN

Don’t miss this opportunity!
Second-hand Breton chamfering and drying line in mint condition, covered by a 6-month guarantee, delivered ex-works, installation excluded.
Special price: 79.000,00

Look at the COMPLETE line
What are you waiting for?
Write to mail@breton.it to get additional information and purchase the chamfering line.
Sergio Prior


  1. Dear sir,

    We are looking for used Breton tiles polishing with 130cm working width.

    The Line shall must be having 4+4 Calibration and dressing heads with moving bridge+ drying fans +Oven +14 polishing heads supported by L-shaped Cross cut to cut 130 cm length into 12cm strips and same shall be cut again into 24cm .After this there shall be chamfering line .

    Kindly email us at zulfikarali96@gmail.com


    Zulfikar Ali Pahore.