Wednesday, 8 May 2013

GOLDBRETON - The multi-wire machines for cutting granite blocks

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Today I want to to talk about GoldBreton 2000.
The most complete range of multi-wire machines.
The product range includes machines with 71, 56, 40, 30 and 20 wires.
It is possible to choose machines holding diamond wires with a diameter of 6,3 mm that produce a greater number of slabs per block, or machines holding diamond wires with a diameter of 7,3 mm.
It is possible to choose machines cutting slabs with a fixed thickness of 20 or 30 mm, or machines cutting slabs with a variable thickness of 20 mm and over (20, 30, 40 mm…).
Breton diamond wire machines GOLDBRETON stand out for lower maintenance costs per square metre sawn and amazing handiness in being operated and serviced, in fact all the routine maintenance is usually carried out by the customer's technician alone. 
They feature a heavy-duty steel structure which is heat treated to ensure the required stiffness of the system and a top cutting precision
The special painting guarantees a high corrosion strength. 
Machines are provided with a NC programming and control system and a software with user-friendly operator's interface installed on a dedicated PC.
The machines being networked, Breton After Sale Service can log into the PC of the machine via internet for the remote monitoring of any possible malfunction
So, why don’t you request a quotation for a GOLDBRETON?
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