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Levibreton KG 3600 - polishing granite slabs

High speed - High performance
Levibreton KG: a project that has been a striking industrial success for both Breton, the producer, and the customers.
The NEW LEVIBRETON KG 3600, combining ground-breaking concepts with well-tried solutions, is the evolution of the renowned KG 3000 that was tested for millions of hours and is used wherever in the world marble is processed.

LEVIBRETON KG 3600: a productive philosophy
Nowadays, the LEVIBRETON KG 3600 polishing lines for granite are the most valued and leading-edge answer for companies requiring high productivity combined with low conversion costs.Breton was the first to develop the continuous polishing machines for granite slabs, thus bringing a revolution in the field. Today concepts such as automation, productivity, user-friendliness, easy care and low operating costs are absolutely familiar to Breton who knew how applying them masterly to the supeior LEVIBRETON KG 3600.

Honing-polishing Units
The new design of the aluminiumalloy honing-polishing units allows their weight to be reduced and their stiffness to be increased. The spindle raising-lowering system is perfectly balanced and features two pistons with protected internal rods.  The heads are raised and lowered in fractions of a second, with minimal lifting from the surface of the slab, thus enabling the slab edges to be polished better and operating speed to be increased. The analogue manometers displaying the pressure of each single head as well as the manual pressure regulators are placed close to each spindle on the machine front, just above the sliding doors.


The arc-welded steel beam has a special design with box-type section in order to both reduce weight and provide high stiffness. The spindle/beam assembly is thus very light and dynamic, enables fast acceleration/deceleration ramps and a travel speed up to 60 m/min.

Beam drive

The beam is actuated by two Brushless-type motors at each end of the beam that are mechanically synchronized so as to ensure a high dynamic movement without stressing the mechanical components.
Motion is transmitted by means of pinion/rack mechanism, the simplest, most efficient and reliable system.
Beam working speed reaches 60 m/min. During the beam movement slowing phases, the “energy recovery” system supplies energy to the grid, thus saving energy.

Supporting structure

The supporting structure is manufactured as a distortion-proof, arc-welded steel, single-piece frame with 12 sturdy supporting legs. The conveyor belt slides upon a thick steel table, milled as a single unit to ensure perfect flatness. The conveyor belt is driven by brushless motor to guarantee better control of the feed speed.

Beam sliding supports

The beam is fixed to two shoulders moving along two sturdy, cast-iron supports, which house hardened, ground and thick tracks with large diameter roller slides in an oil bath, and a micro pinion. The slideways are protected by stainless steel labyrinth seals.

Slab profile and thickness readers
A photoelectric barrier reader stores the slab profile with 10x10 mm resolution, and a sonar reader detects its thickness. This system can accurately read even slabs with a smooth surface (such as slabs that have already been polished or resin-treated). The system allows the head lifting-lowering to be controlled automatically, ensures the self-adjustment of the beam travel to the width of the slabs and guarantees that the front, anti-splash and sound-proof protection guards are positioned automatically to match the thickness of the slabs.

The water plant
The water supply to the heads is by a common, large-diameter, PVC-made central piping, placed above the spindle units. The water supply from the main pipe to the slabs passes vertically inside the shaft of the spindle unit. With this system, when the machine is stopped, all the water inside the piping automatically flows out by gravity thus avoiding any possible stagnation and consequent build-up of solid residues inside the pipes.

Automatic control of abrasive consumption

This system performs the continuous monitoring of the abrasive consumption of each single head, with screen-messages and pre-alarm warning before the tool wears out completely. Moreover, it ensures the minimal lifting of the heads at the slab entrance/exit and their subsequent rapid descent to permit better polishing of the edges and greater operating speed.

Electric and electronic plant

The electric and electronic plant is wired with the “field-bus” technique that, by means of a single cable, transmits all the PC signals digitally to the different control units installed on the machine. Signal transmission is safe and identification of possible failures is greatly simplified. The stationary part of the machine is electrically connected to the mobile beam by a parallel sheathing system, which ensures safer working conditions and longer cable life. 
All the electric and electronic equipment, including the PC installed on the machine, is supplied by first-class international manufacturers so as to make technical assistance easier and spare parts more readily available virtually throughout the world.

The special Breton heads

The LEVIBRETON KG 3600 polishing lines can mount the state-of-the-art SG/8 Breton heads, with 8 oscillating bricks, 510 mm diameter, oil bath type or the traditional SG/6 Breton heads, with 6 oscillating bricks, 460 mm diameter, oil bath type. The SG/8 heads are based on the highly successful SG/6 head project but have been adapted for 8 bricks and offer the following advantages: 
- HIGHER OUTPUT owing to the greater number of operating sectors (152 bricks for a LEVIBRETON KG 3600 polishing machine with 19 SG/8 heads as opposed to 126 bricks for a unit with 21 6-brick heads). 
- BETTER HONING owing to the greater diameter of the heads (510 mm for the SG/8 as opposed to 460 mm for the 6-brick heads). energY-SAVING: (285kW for a LEVIBRETON KG 3600 polishing machine with 19 SG/8 heads as opposed to 315kW for a polishing machine with 21 6-brick heads).

Head lubrication

All the Breton heads operate in an oilbath system, thus minimizing the wear of mechanical parts. Each rotating head contains the required amount of oil; an additional transparent external reservoir allows the operator to know immediately and without difficulty when oil needs to be topped up and topping up is very simple.

Automatic centralized lubrication system

A centralized system, consisting of a grease reservoir, an electrically controlled pump, sequential distributors and flexible high-pressure pipes, automatically lubricates both the spindle units and other moving parts of the machine. The master distributors are equipped with overpressure indicators that allow to easily locating any possible clogging. 

Slab cleaning       

A rubber wiper fixed to the end of the machine removes water from the slab surface. A pneumatically controlled spindle, integral with the beam and equipped with a brush, cleans the slabs once they are polished. The spindle is raised and lowered automatically each time a slab goes past.

Guards, ergonomics and all parameters under control

A control board provided with analogue pressure display, manual pressure regulator and head raising/lowering selector is installed on the top part, in an ergonomic and safe position, far from water and moisture and close to each individual spindle. The head raising/lowering selector complete the board. Accident-prevention, sound-deadening sliding front panels with a sandwich-like structure. The panels are made from ABS and polyurethane, are heavyduty and resistant to water and processing wastes. Sound-deadening splash guards with a stainless steel sandwich-type structure are installed on the beam in front of the heads “at the same level as” the heads. The positioning of the splash guards is motor-driven and automatic in order to adapt to the thickness of the slab and permit opening for changing the abrasives.

Management and Programming

The colour touchscreen video and advanced userfriendly processing software enables the main processing functions to be managed, including:
option to store (and call up) different work programmes for different types of material;
speed of the conveyor and synchronism of the whole line, including loaders and connection roller conveyors;
beam movement (speed, customised programming of acceleration and deceleration ramps);
operating pressure of the single heads;
interpolation of the operating pressure of the single heads with the actual position of the beam thanks to the metering valves;
back-slipping correction on the anti-skid conveyor of badly-sawn, bent slabs, for both single slabs and packs of slabs;
continuous automatic monitoring of the abrasive consumption for each single head, with screenmessages and pre-alarm warning before the tool wears out;
option of disabling from the process all the slabs, some of them or just one slab, or even a portion of a slab (head, end, corner).

Remote diagnosis

The LEVIBRETON KG 3600 is equipped with evolved software the assisted Internet connection with Breton service, which facilitates remote trouble-shooting and expedites solutions.


Furthermore, the PC gathers and organizes the statistical data relating to production and consumption, such as:
production statistics on partial periods, or job orders, or working shifts, progressive or total amounts (hours during which machine is switched on, in operation, in alarm status, square meters produced…);
tool wear statistics (per each individual head, square meters produced over a given time with the operating tool, square meters produced with the last replaced tool, etc.);
diagnostics of machine condition, with video display of any alarms triggered;
maintenance programming with alarm on the display when preventive maintenance has expired;
file of the slabs processed (as they are detected by the optical reader installed at the entrance of the machine).


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