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Franken-Schotter – inaugurates a new industrial plant

On October 12th, Franken-Schotter gave a big party for launching the new factory in Petersbuch. In addition to the 340 employees and their families, the management and the shareholders welcomed also many distinguished guests, among them Joachim Güter, the president of the German natural stone industrial association. In his speech, he stressed the natural stone sustainability and cheapness.

New jobs creation The regional governor Anton Martin Knapp and the mayor Martin Heiss congratulated Franken-Schotter for his close bond with the region and the creation of 15 new jobs so far - others positions will be created. Knapp congratulated him saying that it is impressive the management courage and foresight for creating the largest European company in the stone processing industry. The Italian company, Breton SpA, provided all the stone machining centres to the new factory. Breton President, Luca Toncelli, attended the event.

100 meters long resin line
The company has so far invested 9 million € in the new industrial plant, 5 additional millions € are estimated for the second part of the project as well as for the construction of offices and buildings for the employees. The Petersbuch new plants heart is a line which gives resin treatment to 100 meters long natural stone slabs. "We provide our customers with 99.98% natural limestone and that’s why we define it as natural stone," says the CEO Hans-Jochen Zech
Environmental friendly and sustainable 
In the design of the new plant, the engineers gave great value to high economic and environmental standards. The rainwater, for example, is collected in underground tanks, production and power lines are equipped with electric motors and drives belonging to the highest energy efficiency class. It employs new technologies for better use the material and, for the same amount of material to sell, you'll save as much as 20% of the extracted raw blocks.
Franken-Schotter extracts limestone, Dietfurt dolomite and Jura limestone.

Machines live demos 
After the official party, the people attending the event had the opportunity to see the machining centres on work and in that way they got an idea of the impressive technique and all the available possibilities for working the stone with modern technologies. 
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