Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Energy Saving with Levibreton - polishing machine for marble and granite slabs. 

One of the key advantages to the Levibreton are them significant energy preservation. Energy is conserved by two functional abilities of the machine:

1. Through special drives, the “Energy Recovery” function transfers electrical energy generated during the braking once the beam slows down to the electrical grid.

2. The “Stop & Go” function stops all of the motors and utilities automatically once the machine no longer contains unpolished slabs and the belt conveyor has stopped moving. 

This makes it possible to attain minimal energy consumption when the machine is not working. 
Once a new unpolished slab has been fed into the machine and the conveyor belt has started up again, the motor and utility software will automatically restart.

1. Machine consumption of electrical energy during the standard work cycle.

2. The “Stop & Go” function switches off automatically motors and utilities: the electrical energy consumption decreases instantly.
3. The “Stop & Go” function restarts automatically motors and utilities: the electrical energy consumption goes gradually up.

The machine is provided with the “Energy Management” functional capability that transfers the energy generated during the braking stage to the electrical grid.
The special drives used allow achieving the internal energy balance according to which the energy generated by a motor during braking can be used by another motor under acceleration.
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Sergio Prior