Wednesday, 7 January 2015

LUXBRETON CGA 200/4 - Waxing machine for marble and granite slabs

Good morning everyone and a Happy New Year!
Now that our Christmas vacations are over, I’d like to introduce you to the waxing machine LUXBRETON CGA 200/4 for marble and granite slabs.

Structure and spindles
The support structure consists of an arc-welded steel monobloc to be fixed to the floor, with no need of civil works.
The beam mounting four brush holding spindles runs on guides machined on the support structure, and is actuated by an inverter controlled self-braking gearmotor.
The four brush holding spindles consist of a heavy-duty cast iron casing inside which slides a suitably lubricated rotating shaft, which is lifted/lowered by means of a pair of pistons with constantly protected stylus. The centralized lubricating points are conveniently located for the operator, on the front part of each spindle. 

Slab profile readingThe slab profile reader provided with through-beam photoelectric barrier for the automatic adjustment of the beam travel and the automatic spindle lifting/lowering is positioned at the front of the machine. 

Control panel
The control panel is fixed to a movable, ergonomic, suspended arm and includes a 5,7-inch colour graphic touch-screen with button control for the machine control and programming. 

Wax dosage
The precise wax batching system combined with an efficient programming software enable to minimize wax consumption. The solenoid valve for wax batching is directly mounted on the spindle axis, therefore the wax path is remarkably shortened and dosage is performed with great precision. 

An effective waxing cycleThe machine is equipped with three vessels containing the wax, which are positioned at the machine front for easy inspection.
The wax spraying cycles and the position of wax sprayers are coordinated with the position of each single brush in order to guarantee the perfect waxing of the slab whole surface.
Each spindle holds a brush with bristles coming in different consistencies, diameter and rotation speed so as to spread and polish the wax perfectly.
The wax feeding duct is automatically cleaned at programmed intervals by means of an air flow thus preventing any possible residue of wax.
The last three spindles polish to perfection the wax that the first waxing spindle has applied to the slab.

Technical specifications
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Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior


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