Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Second-hand Breton MultiCut TAP Automatic line for cutting marble granite and natural stone slabs

Good morning,
Today I want to propose you a real BARGAIN!

If you are looking for a high-production slab cutting line, we have what you need!
It is a second-hand automatic programmable cutting line equipped with 7 spindles and turning table.

Here you can see the cutting slabs line in action.

This line is ideal for cutting marble, granite, natural stone and engineered stone slabs.
Composition of an automatic cutting line :
1  - Automatic slabs loader with suction cups
2  - Slab scanning unit
3  - Feeding shuttle
4  - Automatic blade saw Multicut TAP/S/7/350 with 7 spindles and turning table
5  - Belt to unload the scraps
6  - Special belt to unload the tiles

7  - Loader/offloader with suction cups for strips

8 - Flexible belt conveyor for tiles

For info and price of Multicut TAP 350 line write to
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior


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