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Multibreton TC-TD Automatic slab cutting line with software optimisation for marble and granite

Automatic slab cutting line with software optimisation
For plunge-cutting granite and marble slabs, the line consists of two machines positioned in sequence, the MULTIBRETON TC longitudinal saw and the MULTIBRETON TD cross-cutting saw, which work simultaneously thus guaranteeing high productions.
Depending on production requirements, it is possible to vary the number of cutting spindles.
The working cycle is fully automated and can be programmed from the control panel which is provided with colour “touch-screen” monitor and technologically advanced software featuring a user-friendly interface.
Upon request this cutting line can be supplied with a software option for optimising cutting operations.

The technically and mechanically advanced cutting units are rigidly fixed to purposely designed slides and are provided with vertical and transversal travel:
• A pneumatic actuator provides vertical travel and also allows the operator to exclude single spindle units.
• The transversal travel allows the sequential (or simultaneous - optional) motorized positioning of each single spindle along the beam.  The spindle travels on guides in an oil bath protected by a labyrinth seal casing. 

When each spindle reaches its programmed position, it is hydraulically locked to the beam
The diamond disks are enclosed in special noise absorbing protective casings which also ensure ideal tool coolant feeding.

Multi-blade longitudinal saw
The MULTIBRETON TC cuts the slab which travels on the conveyor belt mounted on side guides.
This system ensures the perfect parallelism of each single cut

Stone scraps automatic crushing
Upon request, it is possible to install at the exit of the longitudinal saw an automatic system for crushing the longitudinal stone scraps which are then discharged into underlying collection containers. 
Upon request conveyor belts for removing the crushed stone scraps can be installed.

Cross-cutting saw
The MULTIBRETON TD cuts the slab as the spindle holding beam advances at a right-angle to the conveyor belt.
The beam travels at a perfect right angle on guides enclosed in an oil bath and protected by a labyrinth seal casing.
Beam motion is controlled by an inverter-controlled motor and two trapezoidal screw synchronised by a shaft.
A pusher/aligner for squaring up the strips before cutting is installed at the front end of the machine.
This system guarantees the perfect geometry of right-angled workpieces.

Slab cutting optimisation
Upon request this cutting line can be supplied with a software option for optimising cutting operations.
This system consists of a scanner for imaging the single slab to be cut and of a computer which controls and manages the entire cutting line.

The computer is equipped with a special and advanced software which not only controls the two saws, but also processes and elaborates in real time the best cutting option based on the programmed work orders, shape and size of the single slab thus minimising waste. The optimisation software includes a number of work options guaranteeing maximum operational flexibility (some work options require additional accessories):
• Work order management based on preset priority.
• The option of excluding and removing any surface defects from the cutting template before cutting.
• The possibility of recuperating uncut areas of the slab to cut pieces to the size of the maximum
rectangle shape of the scraps.
• The possibility of recuperating unused areas of the slab which are then cut to standard market shapes and sizes and kept in stock for turnaround orders.

• The possibility of identifying the finished workpieces which are displayed on a PC located in the unloading area and printing off labels which are manually affixed to the piece.
• The option of printing labels and automatically affixing them to the slabs in correspondence to the workpieces to be cut before actually cutting.
• The possibility of printing a code number directly on the edge of the cut workpiece utilising an ink-jet printer
With the cutting lines equipped with this optimisation software, the spindles move contemporarily during the cutting cycle and not in sequence speeding up cutting operations.
The spindle units in this configuration are driven by inverter controlled motors mounted on each single spindle unit.

Optional Accessory for slab loading and unloading operations
Depending on production requirements loading and unloading operations can vary.
Usually the slabs to be cut are loaded utilising an automatic loader provided with suction cups.
Breton will suggest the best solution depending on user requirements.

Unloading the workpieces can be either manual or automatic without operator intervention utilising an unloader provided with suction cups.

The slab loader and unloader are computer controlled and integrated with the cutting line control system.

If you are considering the purchase of a Breton cutting line for marble, granite and other stone slabs and you are interested in receiving an offer on Breton’s “MULTIBRETON TC-TD” write at mail@breton.it.
We will promptly provide you with all necessary information and our offer.

We’ll get back to you promptly.

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