Thursday, 11 January 2018

Breton wins the tender for the Egyptian mega job order for the transformation of marble and granite blocks

Breton wins the tender for the Egyptian mega job order of 41 million euros for the construction of new factories for the transformation of natural marble and granite blocks.

Mr. Sherif, interviewed about the reasons for this large investment in his country, said:

"The goal  of our  President ABDEL FATTAH ELSISI is to establish the largest industrial complexes for marble and granite in the Middle East Region". 

"According to the number of quarries and the exported material, Egypt has a great potential and should be already considered the seventh world exporter in terms of volume after China, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Brazil.
But we have to improve the level of our skills and the competitiveness of our industries, so this will be a great opportunity to reach the other countries, reducing the importation from abroad as well".

Generale Mofed Besada
Why did the Client choose Breton?
"To develop the marble and granite industry and to reach the global competition, the Egyptian government needed the best technology in the world. So Breton won this project because it has the best technology in the world.
The government has chosen the only company that has the ability to implement a project of this level thanks to the long experience of Breton in big projects, the quality of his machines, the structure of his sales service and of course his man on the territory of Egypt

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