Thursday, 2 February 2012

Breton Polishing machine for concrete panels

The Levibreton KFG/320 is a robust machine, well-dimensioned and designed for grinding and polishing large concrete panels.  This machine has been developed exploiting the unique experience the company has acquired over many years in designing machines for polishing marble and granite slabs.
For greater machine automation an infeed electronic sensor is provided which scans the shape of the panel and identifies any apertures (for doors, windows etc.) allowing for automatic positioning of the polishing and grinding heads. A spindle  integral to the beam and fitted with a brush, is located at the discharge end of the machine for cleaning the panels after grinding.
The Levibreton KFG/320 is PC controlled through a  machine-operator interface providing clear and immediate prompts utilising a windows platform. All information is displayed on a colour touch screen monitor.
The software installed is not only technically advanced, but also user friendly and easy to learn.
The control system manages a number of interesting functions including:
- Belt speed and infeed and discharge roller speed
- Beam speed, acceleration and deceleration ramps
- Correcting any backward “slippage” in the conveyor belt caused by panels not perfectly flat
- Constant monitoring of wear in the abrasive pads on the heads including screen prompts and pre-alarm function before the tool is completely worn out
- Possibility of excluding the polishing function for a panel or part of a panel
- Production and consumption statistics
- Diagnosis of machine condition and display of activated alarms 
- Scheduled maintenance programme with screen prompts
Write to for more INFO about Levibreton KFG320.
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