Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The winning synergy

Breton SpA has acquired the Bideseimpianti production division from the Bidese group, a leader in the production of diamond saws for cutting granite and marble blocks. 

Breton diamond wire saws are covered by a variety of patents, putting them miles ahead of the competition.
The synergy between the successful projects and the incomparable know-how of Bideseimpianti , with Breton 's technical and planning skills and an excellent after-sales service make Breton diamond wire saws the most reliable and productive available in the market today.
Thanks to Bideseimpianti , Breton easily holds the record for the highest number of multi-wire saws installed in the world.
Breton & Bideseimpianti : the winning synergy that ensures the success of your return on investment.

Breton diamond wire saws have a strong and functional, heat-treated, steel frame, which guarantees the necessary rigidity in the system and the greatest cutting accuracy. The painting process guarantees high resistance to corrosion.

The surfaces to be painted are first sand blasted in preparation for painting, then painted with zinc-based epoxy primer and followed by a bi-component paint.
Simple and functional designis the main feature of Breton diamond wire saws, which makes them extremely easy to use and service.
The wires can be replaced or moved to obtain the different thicknesses required very quickly and smoothly as the machine can be easily accessible from all sides.
The motor spool, independent pulleys of the driven spools, wire tensioner spools and wire guide spools are covered with special wear-proof elastomer profiles, and are easily interchangeable.
All the mechanical machine members and the electronic control and safety sensors are in positions easily visible and conveniently reachable, making routine maintenance and cleaning as user-friendly as possible.

Breton diamond wire saws stands out for its simplicity to service and clean, and its low costs for maintenance and replacing worn parts. 
Moreover, no special interventions by Breton technicians are required for all the routine maintenance operations (for example replacing a bearing, wear-proof elastomer profile or sensor), as the client's technician is generally able to perform these tasks in full autonomy.


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