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BESTWIRE 2AXES - 2-axes shaping machine



Breton BESTWIRE 2AXES is a machine for shaping blocks and cutting slabs and small blocks.
Versitile multi-functional machine for complex two-axis interpolated shaping, block squaring and slab cutting

Machine structure and mechanisms
The heavy-duty, heat treated arc-welded steel structure ensures the necessary stiffness of the system and cutting precision of the machine. 
Two opposite carts, containing the components for the wire motion, slide vertically along the machine columns by means of screw-nut systems.
The wire is rotated by a large diameter driving pulley, which is triggered by belts and inverter controlled asynchronous motor, in order to optimize the wire peripheral speed according to the material to be sawn. 
Another large diameter driven pulley is constantly kept under tension by a pneumatic cylinder, thus giving the wire the ideal tension. 
The mechanism is completed by two upper, independent driven pulleys and two pairs of wire driving pulleys installed next to the location where the wire goes into, and comes out from, the block to be sawn.

A manually operated lubrication system provides lubricant to the critical points.

In order to guarantee a high corrosion strength, both structure and components are sand-blasted and then coated first with a zinc-based epoxy primer and lastlywith a second bi-component top coat.

Pulley coating
All pulleys are dressed with special, interchangeable, wear-resistant elastomer pro

Safety measures
A special sensor, connected to the stretching cylinder, detects any possible breakage of the wire and stops the machine instantly.

Automatic adjustment of the wire loweringWhile cutting, the wire deflection is automaticallymanaged by the machine control system, which adjusts the wire down-feed according to the position of the stretching piston.

Two pairs of pulleys (2+2) driving the wire are installed next to the location where the wire goes into, and comes out from, the block to be sawn. Their interpolated motion positions them according to the shapes to be produced, thus ensuring a superb cutting precision.

Pneumatic stretching unit of the diamond wire, with sensors detecting any possible wire breakage.

Motorized block holding trolley with 4 wheels, equipped with motorized, rotating loading platform (optional).
The motorized block holding trolley has four wheels, which are installed on rugged bearings and provided with a special profile acting as a guide along the rails. This system ensure the precise positioning of the trolley and a perfect parallelism of cuts, thus enabling to cut slabs (even thick slabs) with the accuracy typically required by this type of operation. Upon request, the block holding trolley can be supplied complete with a motorized, rotating loading platform.

Electrical cabinet and control panel with  colour monitor.

The colour touch-screen and user-friendly software ensure simple programming, control of the cutting cycle and management of the working axes. A mobile button panel makes the activation of the main working axes easier for the operator.

Technical Specification

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