Monday, 15 April 2013

Profits are guaranteed using Breton polishing lines!

Good morning,
Today I'd like to show you the composition of a Levibreton KG 4000 PLUS line for polishing granite slabs.

The line starts with a slab automatic loader. This video shows how the loader mod. CAL/S/2000 lifts the slab from the A-frame and takes it to the conveyor at the fore end of the polishing machine.
If there's not much room available or the slabs to be polished are arranged in the "diamond-match" pattern, the automatic loader mod. JOT/S/25/30 may be used instead. 
The slab profile and thickness are sensed at the forepart of the Levibreton KG 4000 PLUS polisher.
A reader with photoelectric barrier senses the slab shape with a resolution of 10x10 mm, while a sonar detector registers their thickness.

The system enables to sense without fail even the surface of resin-treated or already polished slabs.

Furthermore, this system guarantees the head automatic operating, beam self-adjustment according to the slab width and automatic positioning of the frontal anti-splash barriers according to the slab thickness.

The polished slabs are conveyed to the waxing machine mod. CGA 200/4, which is provided with a slab reader with photoelectric barrier, automatic adjustment of the beam travel and spindle automatic lifting/lowering.

Once they are waxed, slabs pass under the IMAGEPLUS, a system taking high-resolution photos (which are then filed and coded) of natural and engineered stone slabs, labelling them as well.
Breton IMAGEPLUS features an advanced technology for digitizing images through a linear, high-resolution, industrial camera, and a LED light panel, which are both specially designed to render the true colours of the material.

Before the automatic offloader, Breton unit mod. APP 22/35 applies points or streaks of thermoplastic polymer (whose number, pitch and shape can be pre-set at will) on the polished surface of the slabs in order to protect them when they are stored and/or handled arranged in a pile.
This system offers an alternative to the traditional polyethylene film, with the advantage of removing any possible waste disposal problem and cost.
At the end of the line, the automatic offloader mod. mod. JOT/S/25/30 lifts the slab, placing it on the A-frame.

Thanks to ZUCCHI GRANITE for putting this material at our disposal. 
By-bySergio Prior  


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