Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A painting plant with low environmental impact working at Breton

A painting plant started working at Breton; specially designed for using products with low environmental impact, this plant ensures saving and optimization of the time needed to handle and assemble the painted components.

Presently, our machines go through a painting cycle offering the best compromise between increased corrosion protection and reduced solvent use. Unlike before, the new painting cycle makes it possible to achieve a significant improvement of the corrosion resistance yet ensuring an excellent waterproofness and a reduction of solvent emissions in the atmosphere equal to approx. 40%.
1 - Dip degreasing system
2 - High-pressure wash booth
3 - Paint booths

4 - Paint booths
5 - Water purification plant
5 - Water purification plant
5 - Water purification plant
5 - Water purification plant
6 - Control synoptic board of the water purification plant
After going through the chemical, physical and biological plant, the purified water is stored and then reused in the overspray removing plants, inside the paint booths, in the carrousel painting plant and, whenever needed, inside the high-pressure wash booth. 
Thanks to this process, Breton is no longer compelled to drain the excess water originated from washing.


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