Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MULTIBRETON AC-AD- Automatic slab cutting line with software optimization

The ideal cutting line to achieve a high production capacity when plunge-cutting granite and marble slabs. This line consists of two cutting machines positioned in sequence, our Multibreton AC longitudinal saw and our Multibreton AD crosscutting saw, which simultaneously cut different slabs guaranteeing a high production capacity. Depending on the size of the slab to cut and production requirements, it is possible to vary the number of cutting spindles fitted on both cutters. The cutting line production cycle can be programmed and completely automatic. 
The machines are equipped with control panels provided with colour “touch-screen” monitors and technologically advanced software featuring a fast and intuitive operator-machine interface. Upon request this cutting line can be supplied with a software option for optimising cutting operations.

The cutting units are technically and mechanically advanced and rigidly fixed to purposely designed slides which ensure accurate and precise vertical and transverse travel.
• a pneumatic actuator provides vertical travel and also allows the operator to exclude single spindle units
• the transverse travel allows for positioning each single spindle unit along the beam. The spindle units travel on ball guides in an oil bath protected by a labyrinth seal casing.

When each single spindle unit reaches its programmed position the slide is rigidly locked to the beam by hydraulic clamps. The spindle units are positioned in sequence along the beam, one after the other. The longitudinal saw, Multibreton AC, mounts a conveyor belt which moves on side guides for cutting operations, whereas for cross-cutting the spindle units on the Multibreton AD are mounted on a moving beam.
The multi-belt conveyors which travel on the milled steel surface of the workbench have a thick rubber coating designed to be subjected to abrasions caused by the diamond disks when cutting. The diamond disks are enclosed in special noise absorbing protective casings which also ensure ideal tool coolant feeding.   

Multi-blade longitudinal saw
The Multibreton AC cuts the slab which travels on the conveyor belt mounted on side guides, whereas the cutting spindles rigidly locked to the beam remain in a fixed position.
IThis cutting system ensures an almost perfect parallelism of the single cuts, a machining necessity when cutting rightangled workpieces.

Discharge and stone scraps crusher
It is possible to install between the two saws an automatic system for removing the longitudinal stone scraps which are then crushed by two purposely designed hydraulic jacks and discharged into collection containers.

This unit is PC controlled and integrated with the control and management system of the longitudinal saw.

Cross-cutting saw
The Multibreton AD cuts the slab as the spindle holding beam advances at a right-angle to the conveyor belt. The beam travels at a perfect right angle on guides enclosed in an oil bath and protected by a labyrinth seal casing. Beam motion is controlled by a variable speed motor and two ball screw assemblies coupled to ball nuts mounted to the two supporting frames of the beam. A shaft coupled to the angle reduction units ensures the ball screw assemblies are synchronised. 

A mobile aligner for squaring up the strips before cutting is installed at the front end of the machine opposite the spindle-holding beam. The aligner travels on roller bearings and is driven by pneumatic cylinders and two rack-pinion couplings which ensure synchronised movement. This system guarantees an almost perfect geometry of rightangled workpieces.

Slab cutting optimisation
Upon request this cutting line can be supplied with a software option for optimising cutting operations. This optimisation option consists of a scanner for imaging the single slab to be cut and a computer which controls and manages the entire cutting line. 
A special and advanced software is installed in the control PC which not only controls the two saws, but also processes and elaborates in real time the best cutting option based on the programmed work orders, shape and size of the single slab thus minimising waste. The optimisation software includes a number of work options guaranteeing maximum operational flexibility:
- Work order management based on preset priority
- The option of excluding and removing any surface defects from the cutting template before cutting
- The possibility of recuperating uncut areas of the slab to cut pieces to the size of the maximum rectangle shape of the scraps
- The possibility of recuperating unused areas of the slab which are then cut to standard market shapes
and sizes and kept in stock for turnaround orders
- The possibility of identifying the finished workpieces which are displayed on a PC located in the unloading area and printing off labels which are manually affixed to the piece. (accessories required for this option)
- The option of printing labels and automatically affixing them to the slabs in correspondence to the workpieces to be cut before actually cutting (accessory required for this option)
- The possibility of printing a code number directly on the edge of the cut workpiece utilising an ink-jet printer. (accessory required for this option)
With the cutting lines equipped with this optimization software, the spindle units move contemporarily during the cutting cycle and not in sequence speeding up cutting operations. The spindle units in this configuration are driven by inverter controlled motors mounted on each single spindle unit

Optional Accessory for slab loading and unloading operations
Depending on production requirements loading and unloading operations can vary. Usually the slabs to be cut are loaded utilising an automatic loader provided with
suction cups. Breton will suggest the best solution depending on user requirements. Unloading the workpieces can be either manual or automatic without operator intervention utilising an unloader provided with suction cups. The slab loader and unloader are computer controlled and integrated with the cutting line control system.


  1. What are the safety measures we should consider while operating this machine?

    Henry Jordan

    Hydraulic Seal Kits

  2. Dear Mr. Jordan

    The Multibreton AC and Multibreton AD are machines conforming to the 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive.
    You don't have any problem about safety measures with our machinery
    Best regards
    Sergio Prior