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Ortobreton 4EG - Multiblade cutting system for granite block with independent strip extractor

Ortobreton 4EG - portal block saw

Maximum rigidity to increase performances and minimise running costs 

Portal machine 
The circular blades are positioned on the machining area by shifting the block platform. 

Superframe structure
Two columns on each side of the spindle support beam provide greater rigidity.

The improved geometry minimises vibrations 
The portal block saw is the ideal solution for limiting the vibrations. Each circular blade works in ideal conditions and cutting accuracy is excellent.  
4EG block saws enhance the portal layout by means of two columns on either side of the machine. 
The portal structure enables the horizontal blade to be easily incorporated into the solid structure of the machine. The horizontal blade detaches the strips whilst the vertical ones operate.

SUPERFRAME structure     
The 4EG block saws are a real point of reference as to rigidity and stability of the cutting system.

The superframe structure provides the solidity required by a blade pack wider than one meter.
Each end of the spindle beam is rigidly fixed to two columns.
The structure acts against twisting of the spindle beam even when thrusts have a transversal component.
Vertical movement of the beam is provided by a reduction gear that transmits movement to the four angular transmissions connected to the four screws so as to ensure precise positioning.
Cutting is thus very precise, even in critical conditions, e.g. when only one side of the blade pack is working.

Unit for integrated horizontal cutting     
In the 
Ortobreton 4EG SFO block saws, the horizontal cutting unit is connected to the main structure of the machine but is independent from the vertical blades: this allows the unit to remove the strips while vertical blades cut the next series.                             
In this way the machine is always running, thereby ensuring greater productivity.
The horizontal blade unit slides on the two front columns and has very precise movements.  
The horizontal blade works in synchronism with the automatic vacuum unloader that moves to the right position so as to pick up and support the strip before it has been completely detached. 

The overhead structure of the unloader minimises the space occupied on the ground and enables very rapid cycles that are much less than the time required to detach the strip.

A machine designed to minimise running costs 
The running costs of a block saw are mainly due to the cost of diamond tools. The annual expense for tools may be as great as the amount invested in the machine. 

Wear of the diamond tools depends, besides on the rigidity of the machine structure, also on how the spindle carriage travels. In the 4EG model, an asynchronous motor controlled by an inverter that actuates a pair of parallel racks meshed to two pinions, moves the spindle-holding carriage. 
A dynamically balanced, large-sized spindle shaft performs the blade rotation.  In the 4EG 1100 SFO, the diameter is 210 mm and the moment of inertia is almost four times that of a shaft with diameter of 150 mm. This great moment of inertia means that the spindle shaft flexion is minimal even under heavy-duty conditions with 60 blades applied.

The unit for moving the platform into the machining area 
A rugged steel guard protects the screw in an oil bath that conveys the platform to the machining area. 
A labyrinth seal prevents water from coming into contact with the screw, which is moved by an inverter-driven motor. 
The platform reaches its working position with great precision by running on a flat and a prismatic rail. 

Management system with personal computer in Windows environment
The work of the block saw must be programmed very carefully. To increase the operator’s concentration, the machine is managed by a personal computer where a user-friendly software facilitates all operations. 
The data on block dimensions can be easily acquired by positioning the machine’s work axes using the palmtop keypad.

The personal computer can be connected to the Breton remote assistance service, which can rapidly acquire the information on machine status in order to carry out a rapid diagnosis and if necessary proceed directly with a software operation. 

Numberless statistics regarding operating time and tool duration can be processed. The programme also warns the operator when it is necessary to carry out a scheduled maintenance job.

Here you can find technical data about cutting granite block machine Ortobreton 4EG.

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  2. Actually, the block saw must be programmed very carefully. To increase the operator’s concentration, the machine is managed by a personal computer where a user-friendly software facilitates all operations.

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