Thursday, 3 October 2013

Breton high-duty resin-treating plant

Since 1991 SIRMERSAN Marble Industry Inc. (Cinnah Cad. 46/3, Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey) has been producing and exporting top quality marble blocks, slabs and tiles and has now become one of the largest producers of travertine with 3 quarries and 2 production sites.
In 2002,
SIRMERSAN began marketing a prestigious beige marble quarried in Yesilova with the brand "White Pearl".SIRMERSAN factory is located in Denizli, the Turkish heart of marble quarrying.
A Breton automatic cutting line for marble and/or travertine slabs will start operating in September 2013. A scanner reading the slab surface and software for cut optimization (suitable even for slabs with irregular surface and inner defects) will be installed at the forepart of the line.
The line will produce tiles, strips and panels with the desired dimensions with top efficiency and precision.
A new Breton slab resin-treating plant will start producing in February 2014: it is indeed the plant with the highest production capacity ever installed in the world, capable of processing one net-reinforced slab which is resin-treated on both sides every 55 seconds.

This mega plant is fully automatic and includes six 40-level kilns, a vacuum chamber and two stations for resin mixing and spraying.
The following are its distinguishing features:
1. slabs are directly loaded from the gangsaw trolley and it is possible to handle them in the "diamond-match" pattern
2. double drying and catalysis kilns in order to ensure a cycle time of 55 seconds/slab (net-reinforced on one face and resin-treated on both faces).
3. the resin-treating and netting operations are performed automatically
4. user-friendly operational software on colour touch-screen
5. plant with a reduced encumbrance: approx. 700 m2.
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Sergio Prior


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