Monday, 28 April 2014

Breton BESTWIRE 4WD - Rail-mounted single-wire machine

Breton BESTWIRE 4WD is a machine for squaring blocks and cutting slabs and thick slabs, performing a programmed and automatic cutting of several blocks placed on the floor.
Breton BESTWIRE 4WD features an arc-welded steel structure which is heat treated to ensure the required stiffness of the system and a top cutting precision.
It is provided with a large diameter driving pulley to rotate the wires, actuated by belts and an inverter controlled asynchronous motor that optimizes the wire peripheral speed in accordance with the material to be sawn.
A driven pulley with the same diameter is constantly kept under tension by a pneumatic cylinder thus giving the wire the ideal tension.
The assembly is complemented by two independent, upper driven pulleys and two wire driving pulleys installed next to the points where the wire gets into, and comes out from, the block
The Breton BESTWIRE 4WD is mounted on motorized wheels sliding on floor-fixed rails.
Extremely simple to be operated, the machine is provided with a programming software with user-friendly interface for the execution of multiple cuts.
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  1. Dear Prior,

    Is the polyurethane used in the monowire machines same as polyurethane on multiwire machines? Which company's polyurethane is used on Breton wire cutting machines?

    Thank you for your blog...