Saturday, 19 April 2014

Breton EASY2WIRE - Machine for cutting slabs and thick slabs by means of two wires.

Good morning,
Today I’d like to share with you some pictures I received this week that show the installation of a Breton EASY2WIRE, a double-wire machine cutting both standard and thick slabs.
Machine for cutting slabs and thick slabs by means of two wires, featuring an arc-welded steel structure which is heat treated to ensure the required stiffness of the system and a top cutting precision.
It is provided with two 1.000 mm Ø driving pulleys, actuated by an inverter controlled asynchronous motor that optimizes the wire peripheral speed in accordance with the material to be sawn.

Two pairs of driven pulleys with the same diameter are constantly kept under tension by two pneumatic cylinders thus giving the wire an ideal and independent tension.
The assembly is complemented by two additional, independent 1.000 mm Ø driven pulleys and four wire driving pulleys.

Extremely user-friendly, the machine is provided with a control console with touch-screen housed in the electric cabinet and a mobile button panel to actuate the main working axes.
The adjustment of the distance between the wires is motorized and actuated from the button panel except for the wire driving units which need to be adjusted manually.

The operator has just to check the real distance between the two wires.

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Happy Easter.
Sergio Prior


  1. It was a nice way to illustrate the features of that machine and the complete process by the use of all important pictures.
    Max Benjamin

  2. Thank you very much Max Benjamin,
    I hope to publish always interesting info for stone world
    Best regards,