Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sculpture "Nautilus" produced by KIENESBERGER's "FUEGO" at the 50th Marmomacc 2015.

A masterpiece exhibited in the middle of Breton's stand during the 50th Marmomacc in Verona.

Good morning everybody,
For those who were unable to attend "Marmomacc", the International Show of Stone, Design and Technologies that was held in Verona last week, I just want to show this truly incredible sculpture!
In the middle of Breton's stand, under the FUEGO MULTIAXIS, the profiling and shaping machine  with 10 controlled axes, there was on display a beautiful Nautilus made in marble of the Val Passiria from the Company Kienesberger  Steinmetzmeister of Grieskirchen (Austria), true masters in working stone!
Here below a short sequence of the activities highlighting the details of the cutting through diamond wire.

Here below a short video emphasizing the details in the processing of septa; the very thin walls which split the membranes of the shellfish.

What else can we say?
Just that behind a FANTASTIC machine – Breton FUEGO MULTIAXIS - there are always STONE MASTERS!

Congratulations to Kienesberger Steinmetzmeister and Breton from both our side and the President of Veneto Region, Mr. Luca Zaia, who asked to be photographed together with the sculpture!
That's all for today. 
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior