Friday, 23 October 2015

We have bought the FUEGO Multiaxis.

Stop the presses: new architectural universe discovered thanks to the 10 axes of FUEGO Multiaxis.

Fuego Multiaxis is the new Breton machine for cutting blocks and billets using a diamond wire. The Fuego Multiaxis is ideal for producing cylindrical/tapered columns, casings for columns, shaped and rough-hewed components for interior decoration through the interpolation of up to 10 axes. 

We have bought the FUEGO Multiaxis!

Kienesberger Steinmetzmeister, a modern and efficient enterprise, always with an eye to the future and innovation, equipped with a Fuego Multiaxis, a Shapemill and a Contourbreton NC160, always attentive to the needs of the sector.

"When we decided to buy a numerical control wire saw, we thought of a machine that would have allowed us to produce large-size, but relatively simple architectural elements: in fact, the wire machines which are capable of interpolating various axes and realizing the more complex geometries we were thinking of, usually impose size restrictions. 
Because of this compromise, we found it very difficult to decide whether buying or not.When we talked to Breton about our ideas, they presented us ”Fuego Multiaxis”, an innovating machine capable of realizing very complex geometries with no restrictions on the size of pieces to be produced.
For some months now we have been using this machine, and the architects, both Belgian and non-Belgian, already know that at Oscar Daffe’s there is a new machine and ask us whether we can manufacture the complex shapes they had conceived.
And many times we can answer: “Yes, we can with our
Fuego Multiaxis!”

"I wanted this machine to meet the increasing demand for special shaped components.
Fuego Multiaxis I solved cutting difficulties on large size pieces.
In addition, with
Fuego’s eight interpolated axes I can create a limitless variety of contours.
I’m now convinced that I made a smart and highly productive choice on behalf of the company for which I act
Ing. Fiaschi

"My company produces shaped marble components for urban furniture, columns, solid cornices, bannisters for spiral staircases, etc.
To perform these operations I was looking for a diamond wire shaping machine with multiple controlled axes.
I found everything I was looking for in
Fuego Multiaxis, which proved to be perfect for my needs.
Fuego Multiaxis I’m sure I’ve found the right solution for the current and future machining requirements in my business".

For info and price of Breton Fuego Multiaxis write to
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior


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  2. Thanks a lot Mr. Batista Sh

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