Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Breton Fuego Multiaxis with drilling unit

The Breton Fuego MultiAxis now has a Drilling Unit accessory.

The drilling unit is composed of a spindle for drill bits of up to 25mm in diameter to drill through holes in the block into which to insert the diamond wire to make closed profile cuts.

The spindle is mounted to the guide wheel slideways (left hand side when observing the machine)

The block is perforated using drill bits of increasing length, in accordance with the block dimensions; the drill bits are changed manually.

The guide wheel stroke is 900mm, while the drilling unit stroke is 400mm.

It follows that the minimum distance of the drilling unit spindle nose from the mid-line of the block trolley is 810mm.

The block is bored in two stages, exploiting 180° rotation of the block support table: the operation is started from one side of the block and then resumed from the opposite side.

- Max. dimension of block to be
perforated ..1400mm
- Max. drill bits length.....................................800mm
-Max. drilling height from block support table 

 with wire inclined by 20°..............................1600mm

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