Friday, 12 August 2016

FUEGO 4X - The innovative 4-axis diamond wire shaping machine

FUEGO 4 X - unique in its class

Breton Fuego 4X represents the quintessential innovative and technological spirit of the company.
The machine, which can interpolate up to 4 axes, is designed for shaping and dimension sawing of large and small blocks by means of a diamond wire to create complex geometries

The machine is equipped with two opposing carriages that run vertically on recirculating ball guides protected by bellows.
One carriage is equipped with a drive wheel and an idle wheel, both of which 1000mm in diameter

The opposite carriage features two idle wheels, both of which 1000mm in diameter.
The tension wheel is kept under tension by a pneumatic cylinder.
Two pairs of 300mm diameter guide wheels ensure precise tracking of the wire in the areas of entry in and exit from the block to be sawn

The 3-axis version is normally equipped with a motorized 4-wheel block trolley with motor-driven turning platform.

The 4-axis version is normally equipped with a motorized block trolley with 6 wheels (3 of which with Vee profile) with motor-driven turning platform; in this version the travel and trolley rotation axes are interpolated with the sawing structure descent speed, thus allowing the creation of complex shapes. 

Enables sawing of blocks of up to 1800mm in height.   
Wire deflection during cutting operations is managed by the machine control system in accordance with the position of the tensioner piston, which consequently controls the sawing feed rate to ensure consistently optimal cutting speed.

The machine is equipped with an electrical cabinet containing the digital inverter driving the main motor, the drives for management of the controlled axes, the numerical controller and the HMI PC with colour touchscreen.

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