Monday, 9 October 2017

Hyperock: the revolutionary process of resin-treating of slabs

Too many years have passed without any real evolution in the stone slab resin treatment, impregnation and reconditioning.
The difficulty in finding economically advantageous technologies giving a real boost to quality has discouraged plant manufacturers in seeking revolutionary solutions.

Thanks to a one-of-a-kind equipment and resource laboratory but, most of all, to a team of engineers driven by passion and genius, Breton has finally developed a system representing a real leap forward compared to current resin treatment and impregnation systems.

Hyperock is the resin treatment system by means of vacuum-impregnation - not immersion - that allows to handle even the most resisting materials in a single pass and employ less workforce.

Hyperock is an environmentally friendly system, safe for operators who no longer come into contact with the harmful resin exhalations.

Hyperock is true vacuum-impregnation - not immersion - Vacuum permanence lasts for the period between resin suffusion and its catalysis, so the resin remains in an air-free atmosphere and subjected to a 1 kg/cm2 surface pressure as long as it is perfectly net-reinforced. In this way, the resin easily penetrates into all the humidity-free and air-free interstices, which have been previously dried and vacuum-sealed.

In the Hyperock process, the interstices and surface cavities "attract the resin" and represent an empty "reservoir" which, due to its physical characteristics, is automatically filled with resin until saturation of available space.

Hyperock:The new age of RECONDITIONING

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