Monday, 2 October 2017

Breton ResinDrone: Robot for automatic resin treatment of slabs

SIMPLICITY FIRST: This was our watchword as we developed our robot for automatic resin treatment of slabs.

We have designed it by taking a 5-axis interpolated machine as a model, a technology now well-established and widespread, and by inventing a new application.

SIMPLICITY as reliability: the mechanics of a 5-axis milling machine can withstand stronger strains than a small mass-produced humanoid machine.

SIMPLICITY as precision: precision and quickness in following the predetermined resin distribution paths within the slab perimeter with a cycle for redistributing the resin in excess sitting on the edges.


SIMPLICITY as user friendliness: changing the parameters and the working cycles is easy and intuitive.

SIMPLICITY as environment friendliness: Thanks to the technology that mixes the resin different components in the last centimeters of the distribution duct, cleaning is easy and quick, it does not need solvent, reducing environmental impact.

SIMPLICITY as easy maintenance: in the unlikely event of system malfunctions, Breton Service remotely connects to the machine by implementing a hot-line problem solving process. The possible intervention of an after-service Breton technician can easily fix malfunctions whether she is in India, China, Brazil or anywhere in the world.

SIMPLICITY as full optional: ResinDrone can be equipped with various accessories, for example one for automatic roller cleaning or replacement, in order to work automatically for several hours.

SIMPLICITY is: technology at the service of customers.

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