Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Multibreton DXL, automatic cross-cut saw for marble and granite strips

MULTIBRETON DXL is an automatic cross-cut saw for marble or granite strips, equipped with up to twelve cutting spindles. 
For each cutting cycle, the machine can saw a single strip or two strips simultaneously - even of different length - into items of the desired size.

The cutting spindles
The cast-iron spindles slide along the bridge on guides in an oil bath, perfectly protected from water. The spindle ositioning is automated, motorized by a screw with lead nuts connected to an electromagnetic clutch and adjusted sequentially for each single spindle. 

Once each spindle has reached the programmed position, it is blocked by a hydraulic mechanism. A pneumatic device can exclude each spindle vertically. 
On request, the machine can be supplied in a special version with simultaneous positioning of all the spindles instead of sequential adjustment of each individual spindle. 

The cutting cycle 

The cutting cycle is fully automated for virtually unattended operating: 

1. the marble or granite strip to be cut moves forward while resting on the feeding belt which slides on the milled bench of the machine, and halts close to the pneumatic stop (if existing). 

2. a movable aligner to bring the strip into square before starting the cut, is housed on the front part of the machine, opposite the spindle-holding beam. 

3. the cut is performed while the spindleholding beam moves orthogonally with respect to the conveyor belt. 

Once the cut is carried out, the saw blades lift before getting back to their starting position, and the strip - cut into tiles - is transferred outside the machine, while a new strip to be cut enters the machine. 
Simultaneous cut of two strips
The machine is prearranged to cut also two strips of different length (max. length: 1.500 mm each) through a single cutting cycle, thus optimizing the cuts. 
In this case, during the feeding stage, the first strip halts close to the stop on the machine exit, while the second one is placed at a precalculated distance from the rear edge of the first strip. 


A PC with Windows operating system controls the machine. The programming is carried out on a colour “touch-screen” monitor, which is installed on a hanging console. The machine software uses the Windows environment to its full potential through a user-friendly interface. 
The desired cutting size and blade thickness are entered on the “touch-screen” monitor and each spindle automatically reaches the programmed position. 
Both the PC and the “touch-screen” monitor are components readily available on the market so as to guarantee, in case of failure, a prompt assistance and spareparts availability throughout the world. 

In order to facilitate some operations to be carried out within the working area (i.e. blade replacement, maintenance, positioning etc.), the machine is supplied with a small portable push-button panel that enables the operator to safely control the movements of the spindles inside the machine working area. 

The electrical, water and lubrication system 

The electrical equipment and water distribution system to each spindle are located on the reverse side of the machine, thus making the maintenance interventions extremely simple and rapid. 
A watertight cabinet houses all the electrical and electronic controls of the machine.

Laser tracer for cut optimization 

Upon request, the machine is equipped with a laser unit which enables to mark off the useful cutting surface through the optical tracing on the strip surface, thus excluding the surface defects. 

The laser tracer is manually pushed by the operator along the roller conveyor on which the strip is placed, and the demarcation of the useful cutting area is set by simply pressing the proper button. 

According to both the orders entered in the system and the surfaces marked off by the tracer, the machine automatically decides where cuts must be carried out, and offl oads the “executed” orders.

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